Learn to Row

Try rowing

Our learn to row programme is open to anyone keen to learn, laugh and improve their fitness. 

Coach Mouse Taylor and our more experienced rowers will get you out on the river to feel the joy and teamwork of rowing, at your pace.  Everyone is welcome --  we have rowers aged from their 20s to their 90s. 

We have both female and male members and put people into crews that will give them the most enjoyment and improve their technique. Crews are often mixed. 

We also welcome any ex-rowers who are interested in getting back on to the water with a crew.

Sunday at 9.00am is generally the best for new rowers to come along. We will make you welcome, show you around, explain the basics of the sport and get you into a boat to try it out.

We suggest you wear comfortable, fitting clothing that won't get caught in any of the moving parts in the boat, and you should be prepared to get a little bit damp. Wet suit "socks" are good to wear in the boat, or ordinary sports socks that will fit in the adjustable shoes in the boat. And remember to wear a hat and sunblock -- you could be out there enjoying yourself for a while.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Coach Mouse Taylor 0272 487 622
Club captain Shane Rohloff 0272 816 296